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Data Management 

Transform your data. Transform your business.

Data Management Services

Data is digital currency. Business insight and decisions derived from data is as good as data used. Harness the power of clean data by using Helprack data services. 


  1. Data Discovery - Gather, structured and unstructured, business critical data from applications, files, databases, images, screen scraping, paper documents, APIs and third party data sources
  2. Data Management - Manage your data through an ETLplus  strategy that includes smart tagging, data linking, data aggregation and data normalization 
  3. Data Cognition - Create richer data insights through tools  leveraging statistical analysis, trend prediction,  customer bucketing and machine learning
  4. Data Delivery - View data through custom dashboards or using tools like Kibana or Tableau. Make your data actionable through omni channel delivery, monitoring and alerting

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