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Customer Success Story

Compiler Service: LLVM Performance Optimization


The Helprack team worked over a period of 10 months with this Semiconductor major to fix some performance issues in the LLVM compiler (Aarch64) with the GeekBench benchmark and a few other functional issues. The fixes were upstreamed to the LLVM community.


There were two performance issues in the LLVM compiler vis-a-vis the GeekBench benchmark that the customer had already identified. The HelpRack team worked with this customer to implement the fixes for these performance issues and upstreamed the fixes to the LLVM Community after due community review. These fixes improved the GeekBench score for that platform by 1.5%. The customer had also identified about a dozen functional issues in the LLVM. HelpRack fixed 9 out of them, the remaining being non-reproducible. Some of the fixes were upstreamed to the LLVM community, while the rest were taken up by the customer for follow-up in the community.

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We can help you fix performance and functionality issues with your existing compiler and also take the ownership for continuous engineering of your legacy compilers.