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Customer Success Story

Embedded System: IoT Device For Wall Socket Power Monitoring


Transfer of Technology for an IoT Device For Wall Socket Power Monitoring. Reverse Engineering the product and fixing issues in firmware. Taking the product through Giteki Certification at UL Labs. Redesign of the product and planning for volume manufacture in India.


The product was an IoT device for monitoring power in a wall socket with electrical devices drawing power from it. It could also predict the life expectancy of the connected device and a few other parameters, using AI running on the cloud. The product was acquired by the customer as part of an acquisition.

Our team was involved in getting the technology transferred and reverse engineer the product, since very little documentation was available. The team worked towards understanding the design and getting a Giteki Certification done for the product at the UL Labs. The team worked on a complete redesign of the hardware from scratch, come up with the BoM and plan for its mass production with PCB fabricators and assemblers in India. The team replaced an expensive and outdated Zigbee module with a low-cost WiFi module thereby bringing down the cost of the device by 20%.

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